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Wood Piles



Kathleen Pacpaco

Kathleen is the president of The Phan Foundation and is a licensed engineer. She is one of the founding directors of the foundation and led the organization through the application process for receiving non-profit status.

Tuan Phan

Tuan is the secretary of The Phan Foundation and part of the family that is the foundation’s namesake. Tuan and the Phan family have been in real estate for over seven years with a wide range of properties from single family homes to multi-family homes.

Cate Updegrove

Cate is the newest director to serve on the board and is a designer working towards architectural licensure. Cate has worked with Tuan on previous renovation projects and has extensive experience with budgeting and purchasing of materials.

Adam Updegrove

Adam is a volunteer for The Phan Foundation. Adam is an engineer by training and likes to dig in to help solve problems.

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