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Thank you for your interest! There are many more families and individuals that need access to affordable housing than the foundation can provide at any one time, so the organization takes its time to ensure each individual/family it selects is ready to completely utilize this opportunity. In order to ensure our vision is carried out, we partner with you from the start of your application. 


  1. The applicant’s income must be between 80%-30% of the median household income for the county in which the home is located.

  2. We do not have a required minimum credit score, but the foundation looks to ensure there are no major issues on the report. We prefer a minimum of three open credit accounts (open for over 12 months) in good standing. The applicant can provide alternative credit references if this requirement is not met. No foreclosures or bankruptcies in the last three years (based on date of discharge). No open collections, profit and losses, judgements or liens. No more than two late payments in total in the previous 12 months. 

  3. The limit for total “current” debt, including the monthly rent, must be less than 40% of a household’s gross monthly income.

  4. Priority will be given to Section 8 housing applicants.

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